Our Featured Bonded Pairs

Wiggles and Boots

Wiggles and brother Boots are the sweetest , most handsome cats. He and his brother Wiggles are bonded and will need a home together! You can tell that someone loved these guys at some point in their life.  They lived with small dogs and are ok with kids. They are laid back and social lap cats who like to be with people and each other.


Bo and Hershey

Bo is a polydactyl kitten who needs a home with a playful kitty companion or with his friend Hershey.  He was not crazy about being held ; but has come a long way and now will let you pick him up and hold him.  He is a cat's cat and really loves other felines.  He and his best friend Hershey love to rough house and chase each other around.

Pete and Repete

Pete and Repete are look alike brothers who will make you laugh.  They love to play- especially together.  You may see them wrestling or chasing each other .  They like all kinds of toys especially those they can chase.  They are very nice boys and start purring when they see you.  Their fondest wish is a home together who will love them.  They were born at a shelter.  They have never had their own family.  They are really the sweetest boys..


Manxy and Freddie

Manxy is a shy boy but warms up with a patient friend who will give me gentle head pets. He loves to cuddle with his brother, Freddie. He loves to chase and climb. Feathers and laser dots are his favorite toys!.


Lola and Dobby

Lola is a very sweet lap cat who loves her big brother and needs a home with him.  She is a little shy at first and needs a quiet home with older kids or adults.  She is playful and likes to bat balls around and play with anything on the floor. 

Dobby is a big cuddler who loves everyone. He is great with other cats, dogs and kids. He is confident and likes to be the center of attention. He will follow you from room to room and when you sit down jump in your lap. He is a great cat for any home.

This pair was adopted from us as kittens and returned because of a child's allergies.


Bubba and Harry

Bubba and his brother Harry were surrendered due to their owner moving.  Harry is a very outgoing guy who loves attention. He would prefer all the attention be on him as he will head butt anything to get some pets. Bubba is a bit on the shy side and gains his confidence from his brother. He does allow attention however he would like to be watching everything instead. Bubba is also a declawed on the front paws. They are both very affectionate guys.

Ernie and Ricky

We are Ernie and Ricky!  We are really handsome Oriental Short Hair mixes. We love to play with each other…rolling and running.  We will delight you with our antics once you get to know us and we feel comfortable.
These brothers are very soft and sleek. They are good with kids, cats, and dogs. They are cuddly lap cats and bed warmers.  
Please come and meet us… we’re waiting to meet you.

Fanci and Tickles

Fanci is a beautiful kitten who loves to play with her big sister Tickles. She is a social cat who likes to be held, brushed and petted.  She is very soft.  She has good cat box manners and is very clean. She is not a typical Siamese and is not noisy. 
Tickles is about 1 year old. She is a very cuddly cat who loves to be held.  She lives to play and loves her little sister Fanci.
These two girls were surrendered to a shelter their own was moving. They are looking for a home together.

Frankie and Louise

Frankie is a goofball! He's extremely playful , intelligent, confident, and very curious. He never really meows, only kind of squeaks and grunts under his breath when he's interested in something. Frankie is a sweet sweet boy who loves to wrestle and nap with his sister, Louise. He's become a comfortable housecat and enjoys walking around the house and climbing on things. This is a guy who could play for hours. He even taught himself how to play FETCH. Not only that, but he recently learned how to play fetch BY HIMSELF by dropping his ball on the top stair and letting it start bouncing down, allowing him to give chase. He's got a big nose, big eyes, and is a bit cross-eyed. He's loud on his feet (paws), and sticks his tail straight up when he's curious about something (which is most of the time) so his general appearance is endearing and reflects is goofball persona.
Louise is a very pretty little cat who is quite reserved. She spends most of her time observing what is going on both inside and outside of the house (she will be riveted just sitting in front of a window or screen door watching birds and squirrels). She's not the type of cat to always accept invitations for love and cuddles, nor is she always ready for playtime, but her warmth and character really shine during those moments in the day where she will come up to you and gently mark you and nestle right next to with loving appreciation. She does things on her own time but when she's ready for love, she's genuinely a sweet-natured soul. Also she occasionally gets the 'zoomies' in a BIG way and it's real funny to watch.

Lacey and Lynx

Hi, my name is Lynx and I am a very loving, energetic and playful cat!  I love to chase toys and jump and play, run around and chase my tail. I am very vocal too!  I also love to lay in your lap and purr while you pet me. I am sweet and would love to sleep in your bed with you and cuddle with you. Or take a nice nap in a sunny window!  I love when you rub me right under my chin or on my head, but I don’t like the belly.  I love attention and love to play with a laser light and “da bird”. I also love when it’s time to eat! Wet food is my favorite! I am a small little guy for my age and I have a cute face.
Hi, my name is Lacey and I am the most loving and sweet kitty!  I can be shy when I am first meeting you, but once I get to know you, I am very loving and trusting and will sit right in your lap. I purr very loud and love to be pet and sit with you on the couch and watch tv.  I would love to sleep in your bed with you and even hide under the covers to take a nap!  I also love a good nap in a sunny window, and always stretch out and like a good belly rub. I enjoy play time and chasing the “da bird” toy, and that is where you will get to see my huntress skills! I love to eat and get very excited when its dinner time. I love wet food, it’s my favorite!

Eva and Greg

Eva is a very cuddly and sweet kitten who loves other cats.  She has a best friend named Greg she likes to cuddle with.  She was a kitten who someone must have moved and left outside because she was very clean when found.  She loves being petted,head rubs and back scratches, playing with strings and crinkle toys.
Greg is a young guy who loves to be petted.  He is a little shy at first ; but once he knows you he wants to be near you. He has a big purr and gives lots of head butts. He is still a kittenish so there will be lots of playing and antics! He needs to be in a home with another cat.
These two cuties met in our care and became the best of buddies.