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HOW SMOKING HARMS ANIMALS - It’s widely-known that smoking causes a multitude of health conditions in first-hand users and also poses a risk to those exposed second-hand. However, not as many people are aware of the various ways smoking harms animals. You may expect that second hand smoke is harmful to animals, just like it is to humans, but there is more to the harm caused to animals by smoking and the tobacco industry than these effects. In fact, the tobacco industry’s sordid history of conducting uninformative studies on animals is yet another way smoking is harming animals across the planet.

DISASTER PREPAREDNESS FOR PETS - It is important to remember that disasters can occur with no warning. Waiting to discuss the implications of a disaster until it is happening won’t ensure that all details will be considered. Having a plan, sharing it with your loved ones will ensure that even in the heat of the moment someone is aware of the plan and your wishes in the event that you can’t undertake the actions such as those intended to address the needs of unattended pets.

PROTECT YOUR PETS: PET SAFETY - A guide created so you can understand the many health hazards present in the average home, and make quick impactful changes to make your home safer for your pets.

SMOKING AND ANIMALS - For many, pets are considered to be family members. This is why special consideration should be given when making choices concerning smoking. Second-hand smoke is a danger to the heart and lungs of your pets, as well.

GOODDOGTRAININGADVICE.COM-Get essential dog advice and training tips for an obedient pet here.

HEAT ALERT!-Every summer, animals left in unattended cars suffer brain damage and die from heatstroke:
On mild or cloudy days, with windows open, a parked vehicle quickly becomes a furnace.

ABOVE ALL, DO NOT DECLAW!- Declawing literally maimes cats, a mistake that can lead to physical, emotional and behavioral complications. It is erroneous to think that declawing a cat is a trivial procedure similar to trimming fingernails. A cat's claws are a vital part of its anatomy, essential to balance, mobility and survival.

WONDERPUPPY-Often people feel they must give up their pets for various reasons. On these pages, you'll hopefully find some alternatives and be able to keep your animal. There is also lots of info here for those who would never dream of giving up their pet, but just need some advice on basic pet problems. They are often the very same problems for both groups of people.

PET GUARDIAN ANGELS OF AMERICA-PGAA's mission is to provide the information necessary to help you find the type of pet that matches your lifestyle and then to help you properly care for it, physically and emotionally. This includes dog breed characteristics, dog breed profiles, cat breed characteristics, cat breed profiles, and breed health and care articles.

A DENTAL PROGRAM FOR YOUR CAT-Our cats are living longer now than in the past. Today, we have better preventive medicine and better ways to diagose and treat many diseases. Now we are seeing more cats whose most severe medical problems are dental problems. It is essential to provide our pets with good dental care, both professionally and at home.

MOVING WITH YOUR FAMILY PET-Moving can be a fun and exciting time for you and your family. It's the start of a new adventure and new opportunities. There is also stress that may come along with the move. Moving with your family pets can increase this stress. This article will provide you with information on how to limit the stress and reduce the problems you could face when you're not just moving your family, but moving with your family pets too.


Pet Food Stamps©-is a registered non-profit corporation in New York state, and has been created to fill the void in the United States Food Stamp program, which excludes the purchase of pet food and pet supplies. There are over 50 million Americans who currently receive food stamps, many with dogs or cats, who simply cannot afford to feed their animals, and who are often forced to surrender their animals to shelters.