Understanding the Statistics

Asilomar Live Release Rate

Formula: Live Outcomes divided by (All Outcomes minus Unhealthy/Untreatable Owner Requested Euthanasia)

In 2004, the leaders in the animal welfare community created the “Asilomar Accords,” a uniform method for collecting and reporting shelter data. The Asilomar Live Release Rate shows what percentage of animals left the shelter with a live outcome, which includes adoptions, returned to owners, transferred to other rescues, and trap-neutered-return. However, this measure does not include consideration of how outcomes compare to intakes which is why we have also included the ASPCA Live Release Rate.


ASPCA Live Release Rate

Formula: Live Outcomes divided by Intakes

The ASPCA Live Release Rate measures different things than the Asilomar Live Release Rate. It shows how many of the animals that came into a shelter or rescue had a live outcome. This rate is a good companion to the Asilomar Live Release Rate because, in order to increase the rate, a shelter needs to increase live outcomes AND decrease intakes. It helps show how admissions are affecting a shelter. One problem with calculating this rate monthly is the percentage might be over 100%, due to the animals that wait in foster care for multiple months before adoption.Understanding the Statistics