FCDRT Mission

Our mission is to end needless euthanasia at shelters in the National Capital area by rescuing and finding suitable lifetime homes for our cats, promoting spaying and neutering, and educating the public on responsible pet ownership.

FCDRT Vision Statement

We provide adoption, rescue and education services by finding suitable lifetime homes for our cats and dogs, rescuing cats and dogs on death row at local shelters and educating the public on responsible pet ownership. We aspire to offer in-house spay and neuter services. We live by our core values of integrity in all our dealings; compassion for all life; respect for our cats and dogs, our constituents and each other; and teamwork. We are responsive to our donors, adopters, volunteers and the public. Our volunteers and staff are recognized for their responsibility, dedication, knowledge and helpful service. We provide these services for cats and dogs that would otherwise be euthanized, potential adopters, donors, local animal shelters, and our community.

Social Media Ambassador Program

Social Media Ambassadors are social media professionals, technology enthusiasts, networked individuals, and/or social media users who utilize their online communities to help promote Fancy Cats & Dogs Rescue Team mission and vision through the promotion of adoptable cats, fundraisers, adoption events and education.


Who Can Be a Social Media Ambassador?

The cream of the digital crop: Innovative users of digital technology who have shown leadership and creativity in their use of interactive tools to move their businesses and their clients’ businesses forward

Community leaders: Leaders who are passionate and committed and believe in the mission of Fancy Cats & Dogs Rescue Team.

Committed and passionate people:  Everyday people who are comfortable utilizing social media networks to spread the mission of Fancy Cats & Dogs Rescue Team 



  •  Committed to Fancy Cats & Dogs Rescue Team’s mission
  • Able to dedicate two or more hours a week to promote Fancy Cats & Dogs Rescue Team online
  •  Commit to raising funds via peer-to-peer fundraising, twice a year
  •  Currently active on at least one social media site
  • Has at least 150 friends/followers on the social media site
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Fluent in English

Volunteer applicants who are accepted as Social Media Ambassadors will receive training, training materials, a Fancy Cats & Dogs Rescue Team shirt, and an official Fancy Cats & Dogs Rescue Team Social Media Ambassador badge for their sites.


To Apply

Please complete the interest form. We will review your submission to determine whether you meet the criteria for our Social Media Ambassadors program. 

SMA volunteers must have previous social media experience. We will offer support to you as you become a voice for the cause and Fancy Cats & Dogs Rescue Team's mission. If accepted, you agree to become a volunteer SMA for Fancy Cats & Dogs Rescue Team, but you are not a representative of the Rescue in any official way and will not represent yourself as such, provide medical or legal advice, or act in any official capacity outside of your volunteer role.